What is the purpose of a website?

There are several types of websites. They all have a generally common purpose and even though they are quite different, depending on the person/business. Some websites are aimed at selling and promoting products and services, others are meant to provide useful information, while others are operated just for entertainment. And the most common types of websites:

The purpose of information websites

The purpose of an informational website is to provide specific and useful information to a specific user/audience in order to teach them new information or better understand a topic.

These websites are geared towards more practical information and may contain terms such as: how-to, tips & tricks, repairs, help, advice, support information, instructions, how-to guides, etc.

The purpose of entertainment websites

These sites present various information for the visitors. We are talking about online magazines, humor sites, gossip oriented websites, celebrity news, sports coverage, movies, arts, etc.

These websites are designed to be relatively user-friendly and updated frequently so that users will want to come back for more information.

They can usually generate more engagement by using dynamic content, such as videos, podcasts, slideshows, etc.

The purpose of e-commerce websites

The purpose of e-commerce websites is to sell products to users. The most successful e-commerce websites are carefully optimized to achieve a high percentage of purchases.

To be successful, e-commerce websites must incorporate the latest online technologies available to upsell the customer and make an upsell in order to increase the chances that a buyer will actually make a purchase.

There are many important elements that go into building a successful e-commerce site:

  • the reduction of frustration during the purchasing process,
  • the easy use of payment methods,
  • optimization for a fast and attractive website,
  • transferring visitors to relevant products, attracting buyers, reducing “shopping cart drop-off”, encouraging past buyers to buy again,
  • re-marketing to past visitors who have not yet purchased, using proper payment options,
  • mobile responsive design,
  • etc., etc.

The purpose of service-based business websites

The goal of a service-based business website is to convince website visitors that they should become customers of the service company.

It is possible, through a website, to position the company as a reliable, worthy and experienced service provider in the target market.

When searching for services, visitors are led to approach potential service providers by reviewing their websites before making phone calls.

During this process, they try to find the best company that best meets their specific needs. They try to verify the expertise of the company, the quality of the work they will receive, the good reputation of the provider and the length of its business.

You can help visitors by providing information and articles that prove your knowledge, a visual portfolio of your work, videos, client testimonials, etc.

The purpose of blogs

The purpose of a blog is to provide a regularly updated website or web page, usually run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Blogs can be posted easily using a number of free services such as wordpress.com.

There are many personal and professional blogs that are entertaining to read and provide a very personal insight into a person’s life. Blogs can be for entertainment purposes, used as an online diary or used by businesses to keep their customers up to date. The main advantage of a blog is that it is very easy for an untrained person to maintain it with little or no technical knowledge.

The purpose of social media websites

The purpose of social media websites is to make it very easy to share and connect with friends, family, colleagues, business contacts and even strangers.

Social media sites do a quick and easy job of creating a network of connections to stay in touch, share daily experiences, photos, interests, preferences, etc.

Social networks can be used for personal and business purposes. Companies use social networks to establish direct connections with their customers, allowing them to get feedback on their products and services while learning more about their customers’ wants and needs. You have a project to create a website for your company? Contact us now Call or WhatsApp to discuss it!

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